Den Ort verlassen

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Den Ort verlassen

To leave a place, a space, a realm, means change: cultural, atmospheric, physical, emotional, intellectual change. To move between places can initiate a shift of paradigm in the way of thinking, being, acting. The exhibition series of 5 consecutive solo shows running over the course of four months is dedicated to these processes and invites five artists to create site specific works exploring the realms of change.


Form does not differ from emptiness and emptiness does not differ from form. That which is form is emptiness, that which is emptiness, is form. The same is true of feelings, perceptions, impulses, consciousness. Along these lines Jimok Choi investigates the change he inflicts to commercial IKEA furniture by sawing it up and reassembling it anew. These objects are sculptures that can be used as furniture and are staged as an installation resembling the grand sale at a furniture store.

Nicci Braun / Nina Reble “DIA DUO”

Two friends living and working in two different cities, collaborate creatively by sending analogue film material back and forth between locations, documenting their lives, exposing and overexposing Super-8 film, aim to close the gap between them by overlapping their recorded experiences.

Ying-Chih Chen “WOHER WOHIN”

Her sculptural installations and large-scale interactive ink drawings explore her personal longing to belong. In her work, Ying-Chih Chen analyzes and translates the radical cultural shifts back and forth between her native Taiwan and her chosen home in Kiel, Germany.


By replacing the frontal view of the gallery space with a large-scale and true to nature, almost photorealistic painting, the artist challenges one’s ability to remain physically in the in the same place while emotionally and intellectually transgressing boundaries, traveling far and shifting perspectives.

Piotr Nathan “DAS FENSTER”

Dedicated to his close late friend, renown Berlin based curator Frank Wagner, the fragmented, large-scale mural forces the viewer to shift vantage points, perspectives constantly. The spatial installation disrupts the viewing process and sights oscillate between the inner and outer eye.