— CV —

Nina venus portrait

© Christine Fenzl


  • 1999

    MFA School of the Museum of Fine Arts / TUFTS University, Boston, USA

  • 1996

    Studio Program, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, USA

  • 1993

    BA Romanic Philology, Art Theory, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich, Germany

Painting Exhibitions

  • 2024

    "En tránsito - Luces del Mediterráneo", group show, San Antoni de Portmany, Ibiza, Spain

  • 2024

    "Everyone but Caspar!" group show, Kunsthalle Niendorf, Germany

  • 2023

    Portrait of Hans-Werner Tovar, Commissioned by the City of Kiel

  • 2020

    “Die Welt ist Ganz: von A-Z”, group show, Galerie Melike Bilir, Hamburg, Germany

  • 2013

    “Wolken”, solo show, Gnosa, Hamburg, Germany

  • 2012

    “Täume und Albträume”, group show, Gerisch Stiftung, Neumünster, Germany

  • 2010

    “Wolkenbilder”, solo show, Westwerk, Hamburg, Germany
    “Selbstportraits”, group show, Galerie Neuer Kamp, Hamburg, Germany
    “Malereien”, group show, Galerie Molitoris, Hamburg, Germany

  • 2009

    “Blumen”, group show, Galerie Kabinet, Hamburg, Germany

  • 2007

    “Mixed Media”, group show, Galerie 22, Hamburg, Germany

  • 2003

    “BauArtbyTen” group show, Construction Site, Hamburg, Germany

  • 2002

    “Neue Bilder”, solo show, Galerie 22, Hamburg, Germany

  • 2001

    “The CAN”, collaborative solo show, Galerie façon, Berlin, Germany

  • 2000

    “Female Energy”, group show, Woodward Gallery, New York, USA

  • 1998

    “Language of Painting” solo show, Galerie Frenck, Zürich, Switzerland

  • 1997

    “Irony Rules”, group show, VideoSpace, Boston, USA

  • 1996

    “Glassblowing for Boys” collab w/ Will Pappenheimer, Gallery Naga, Boston, USA

  • 1995

    “Einblick”, solo show, Galerie Mader, München,
    “Hintergründe”, group show, artistspace Klenze45, München, Germany

  • 1993

    “Neue Malerei”, group show, Kunsthof, München, Germany

  • 1992

    “Junge Kunst”, group show, Gasteig Kulturforum, München, Germany

  • 1989

    “Biennale 89”, group show, Ritterwerke, München, Germany

Curatorial Work, Exhibitions, Talks

  • 2023

    curation of "AREA: Art on the Dancefloor" for the International Fotofestiwal Lødz, Poland

  • 2023

    "dialog und handlung 04" moderation of artist talk at Künstlerhaus Stadtgalerie Lauenbiurg with Anja Erdmann, Rani Le Prince, Johannes Weiland, Sven Schuch

  • 2022

    opening talk for external group show "Verortung" gallery cube+ at Topfhaus, Alter Botanischer Garten zu Kiel

  • 2022

    curation of retrospective "hello.again. Volker Hinz" at Kunsthalle Lüneburg, Germany

  • 2021

    curation, artist talk "Honey Rules The World" works by Thomas Judisch & Kyoko Takemura, gallery cube+, Kiel

  • 2018

    curatorial director, “OFF Triennale”, 15 solo shows and 2 collectives as part of the 7th Triennial of Photography Hamburg, Germany

  • 2018

    portfolio reviewer, BredaPhoto Festival, Breda, Netherlands

  • 2016

    curation, exhibition series “den Ort verlassen”, Gallery Berlin weekly, Berlin, Germany

  • 2016

    artist talk, in conversation with Aiko Tezuka at Mikiko Sato Gallery, Hamburg, Germany

  • 2015

    curation, solo show “Area Revisited”, photography by Volker Hinz, Satellite exhibition of the 6th Triennial of Photography Hamburg, Germany

  • 2015

    curation of group show, “Tomorrow is Yesterday” photography, painting, drawing, installation by Nan Goldin, Christine Fenzl, Holly Coulis, S.Homann, Mariella Mosler, Jochen Flinzer, Piotr Nathan and Michael Lange at Mikiko Sato Gallery, Hamburg, Germany


  • 2015 – 2022

    “KUNST & KARRIERE” Lecture series, visiting professor at Muthesius Kunsthochschule Kiel, Germany

Publications, Press, Essays

  • 2022

    "hello.again. Volker Hinz", Hartmann Books
    ISBN 978-3-96070-062-3, essay by Nina Venus

  • 2022

    "Behind a Rainbow" essay for publication of "NEWCOMER II" gallery cube+ and Künstlerhaus Stadtgalerie Lauenburg

  • 2019

    “Herkunft und Zukunft”, essay written for Ying-Chih Chen, Gottfried Brockmann Preis, Stadtgalerie Kiel, ISBN: 978-3-927979-04-9

  • 2018

    “Reflections Of A Floating World” essay written for Torben Giehler, Berlin

  • 2018

    “Breaking Point“, Hartmann Books, OFF, editorial essay by Nina Venus, ISBN: 978-3-96070-020-3

  • 2018

    “British Journal of Photography”, May Issue, Volume 165: “Breaking Point”, Hamburg Triennial of Photography, review of OFF Triennale and projects selected by Nina Venus, ISSN: 0007-1196

  • 2018

    “Journal of Curatorial Studies”, Vol.7/ Nr.2, “Art, Nightlife and the Complexities of Participation: New York’s Area (1983-87)” by Craig Houser, City College of New York, u.a. review of exhibition “Area Revisited” curated by Nina Venus, ISSN: 2045-5836

  • 2018

    “blow photo” magazine, entire issue dedicated to “Breaking Point”, 7th Triennial of Photography Hamburg and OFF Triennale, Dublin, Ireland, ISSN: 2009-339X

  • 2017

    “Verwurzelt im Nebelwald”, essay written for Ying-Chih Chen, Gottfried Brockmann Preis, Stadtgalerie Kiel, ISBN: 978-3-927979-93-2

  • 2016

    “den Ort verlassen”, editorial essay for catalogue, Muthesius Kunsthochschule, ISBN: 978-3-00-054149-0

  • 2002

    “Neue Bilder”, catalogue essay by Nan Freeman, published by Galerie 22, Hamburg, Germany