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hello. again.

A retrospective of German photographer Volker Hinz at Kunsthalle Lüneburg.

April 3-June 22, 2022

Curated by Dr.Henriette Väth-Hinz and Nina Venus

Volker Hinz (1947-2019) was a German photographer, renowned for his political reportage and travel stories, his portraits of artists, authors, fashion designers, sports men and politicians. A staff photographer for "stern" magazine, he took the opportunity for gripping stories and photographic documentations such as about the New York nightlife and Hollywood. His oeuvre was acquired by the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek München.

As part of the retrospective at the museum Kunsthalle Lüneburg, Nina Venus curated his body of work about New York nightlife - in particular his documentation of the nightclub AREA.

AREA, a name, a concept and a vision for a place unlike anything ever seen before and probably never again. A space, that dissolved boundaries between art and life, interlinked music, fashion, performance, and installation, creating a realm for radical creative experimentation. Four Highschool friends from California moved to New York City and without much ado and little money rented an old warehouse in Lower Manhattan and opened AREA, the legendary nightclub – which though short-lived (1983-87) – is fabled to this day. Never primarily intended as a commercial success, instead artistically driven and motivated, the only constant factor was permanent change: every six weeks AREA was spectacularly transformed into a new thematic and immersive installation that attracted quite the crowd - party people mixed and mingled with artists, wannabes and freaks from suburbia, high society, movie stars and musicians. Everyone was there, and so was Volker Hinz. Certainly, no coincidence, as er usual he was in the middle of it all, right in the epicenter of this creative explosion and transgression that culminated the zeitgeist of the 80’s. Sure, he did take pictures of the many VIPs frequenting the nightclub extraordinaire, though rather incidentally. His sincere artistic interest and his acute, keen eye focused on the unspectacular moments in between, those lost and drifting gazes, tentative touches, and coincidental symmetries. Volker Hinz sensed exactly and reacted directly, camera in hand.

A comprehensive hardcover with works and texts about Volker Hinz was published by Hartmann Books.

AREA 1983-87